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The original garage was at the bottom of the long driveway approx 20 ft from the house. The rear of the garage was covered in blue wisteria. In the 60s and 70s the driveway was not paved and the grass between the rows would grow up to 2 ft during the summer months. It was a single car garage just enough size for our Volkswagen 1600 or the Mercedes. The house had an oil stove when we bought the property, with the hot water tank in the kitchen beside it In the garage was a 45 gallon drum of furnace oil for the stove, a manual lift pump and a small 1 gal jerrycan to transport it to the house. Dad soon upgraded to an electric stove and electric water tank in the basement. BUT he kept taking delivery of the furnace oil (at .12C a gallon) for the Mercedes diesel. This lasted many years until on day the oil delivery fellow spotted the Mercedes in the garage and put two and two together.

The garage was wired for an electric light but no plugs. There was only one wire, the hot, coming from eaves of the house. This wire was run through a switch by the door then through the lamp socket then to a pipe in the ground in the back corner of the garage. Not exactly to code. In the early 70s I climbed into the eaves of the house from the access door in the upstairs bedroom and ran a new wire to the garage that had the neutral on it to do a proper return. BTW the house is wired with knob and tube.

When I took up residence here full time in July of 95 the garage was adequate for our island beater a Chevette, but the Beast, our 1976 Ford Van would not fit in it. I parked it outside in the turnaround at the bottom of the driveway. In 98 I traded in the Chevette for an almost new 1992 Dodge Caravan, purchased from Wille Dodge in Victoria. It fit in the Garage so the beast still had to live parked outside.

In 1999 I purchased a 1960 Morgan Plus 4. A beautiful and very valuable car. It was obvious the old garage had to go. It was damp, cold, drafty, dark and small with no room for a workbench or space around the car to work.    James Watt and Chris Haas were contracted to design and build the new garage. A fully enclosed sealed and heated garage for Morgan plus a 10 ft high 2 car car port with a loft above. The footprint is 20 ft by 30 ft.

Currently the car port houses Sue’s 1976 Mercedes 280SL and Tara’s  Mustang Convertible. Morgan is the only car that is fully enclosed and heated. As you can see in the birdseye view of our property the rest of our vehicles live outside. 4 of them to be exact. In this birdseye view is the Beast closest to the loft, then Wille then Sue’s Cavalier and then Tara’s Van. 

Summer of 2017 I come down with a nasty dose of oral cancer.   At about the same time my beloved Daily driver, Wille, gets sick as well.  Off to Doc Eric at Beddis Rd Garage, first it’s the fuel pump.. Then loads of diagnostics and ends up the computer is shot. We hunt the net and the wreckers for one.  Nothing.  Wille is now gone to fort Quesnel. (The local wrecker).  Along about the same time last year The Beast went up to Beddis Rd Garage to get the electronic ignition fixed so I could get it running again and then sell it for a 1//2 decent price.  Now I have not had a daily driver for well over a year.. I found the ideal vehicle.  A 2006 Dodge Magnum AWD.  Perfect for the winter here.  It has the 5.7L Hemi V8.  It is black with grey leather interior, sunroof, tinted windows, satnav and 145/R20 tires. I have never owned a muscle xar, this one turned out to be a surprise.  0-60 5.8sec.  

Yet to come here are some pictures.